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A further variant of the decoration in Cefalù that cannot be found in this form in Monreale is that of the human figure of one of the paired capitals in the west ambulatory, stretched between the capitals and only visible from below.
Due to the many unresolved questions surrounding the date and chronology of the cloister in Cefalù and the much damaged condition of its architectural sculpture, it remains a challenge for art-historical research – in spite of the wealth of excellently transcribed and edited historical documents and conservational studies – to attempt to clarify the doubts that continue to perplex its construction and decoration. More particularly, the question of how the Sicilian royal buildings relate to each other requires further elucidation.

The Cloister of Cefalú – Imaging Plan and Reproduction of the Capitals

All capitals were photographed from four sides (north, south, west, east).
Ten were photographed from eight sides (N, S, W, E, NW, NE, SE, SW).
The symbols N, S, W, E stand for the directions north, south, west, east.
The images were sequentially ordered according to the numbering of Valenziano 1981 and La Basilica Cattedrale di Cefalú.

E.g., S10V1CC10S:

S10 is the number of the capital and side in the cloister.
V1 is the number in Valenziano 1981.
CC10 is the number in La Basilica Cattedrale di Cefalù - the articel of Rosario Alaimo, Salvatore Calderone and Marcello Carapezza, who numbered the capitals in order of their arrangement from 1-35.
S stands for the side (south) from which the capital was photographed. If it had been photographed from the north, for example, the number would be S10V1CC10N.

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