West Side - W01PP42

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Griffons vanquish a man

On the front side of the capital two griffons stand symmetrically turned towards each other with raised claws. With pointed ears and a tuft of hair under their beak, they resemble at first sight a bearded eagle. Breast, head and stomach are covered with diamond-like plumage, while their pointed raised wings are formed of single feathers. The bodies of these hybrid beasts, however, morph into those of lions, with strand-like fur covering their backs and hindquarters.
The griffons hold fast with their claws a naked figure that grasps a chalice with its left hand.
Given that the representation of Daniel in the Lions’ Den is found on the opposite side of the capital (S12PP40), and that this pillar is placed in the vicinity of the refectory, it is possible that this scene alludes to the punishment of gluttony and that the prophet should be understood as an antithesis to the predominance of sin.