South Side - S01PP29

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Mary and the Apostles, Miracle of Pentecost

A trilobate arch with little turrets set in the spandrels marks the building in which Mary and the apostles are gathered. The Virgin is at the centre of the scene. She is represented in frontal pose, without crown, and with her hands raised in prayer. Mary is flanked by two of the disciples, whose faces are turned in profile and who point towards her. One of them is beardless and presumably represents John. Two further apostles appear on the two shorter sides of the capital facing east and west.
These five figures are completed by the seven others who can be seen on the adjacent capital (S02PP30). They are to be connected both with the two capitals of the same bundled pillar (E15PP27, E16PP28) on which the Ascension of Christ is represented, and with the large superimposed relief on its south-east corner. Here to the side of Christ can be seen the “tongues as of fire” of the miracle of Pentecost described in the Acts of the Apostles (Acts 2:1-4).