East Side - E01PP13

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The Payment of the 30 Pieces of Silver

This capital shows the payment of the 30 pieces of silver to Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus to the chief priests. The scene has a narrative connection with the other capitals of the same pillar (Last Supper E02PP14; Washing of the Feet N12PP11; Plot of the High Priests N13PP12), as well as a further capital situated in close proximity in the east wing of the cloister (Betrayal and Arrest of Christ E04PP16).
Judas, on the south side of the capital, stands barefoot opposite the four chief priests and stretches out his open hand to them; the coins are already being laid on his palm. The priest directly in front of him is wearing a cowl, the second a cap; the other two are represented bare-headed.
Behind Judas, in the corner of the south narrow side, stands a devil with goat’s hooves. With his right hand he touches the back of the betrayer and whispers into his ear. It’s a detail that is recounted in Luke’s Gospel (Lk 22:3): “Then Satan entered into Judas called Iscariot…”.
The bargaining between Judas and the chief priests on how Jesus was to be betrayed to them is also expressed by the raised hands of the priests: the gesture of confabulation.
The varied postures of the figures endows this capital with some liveliness and an intensity which is also visible in the figure on the north-east corner, who elegantly touches his beard with one hand and thus expresses a mood of thoughtfulness.