North Side - N01FL01

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Foliated Capital

The bundled pillar shows a schematically sculpted double capital on each of its four sides.
The Corinthian order is here reduced to a minimum; so the stylized acanthus leaves that cover the bowl of the capital are completely smooth and only the edges of the leaves are profiled. The structure of the acanthus foliations can only be recognized where the ends of the leaves curl forwards and their three-dimensionality comes to light. Nonetheless, in spite of the fleshy acanthus leaves that form a kind of volute at the corners, the ornament of the capital appears pronouncedly geometric.
The north and east sides of the capital are broader, since here the two colonnettes are separated by the pillar; on the west and south sides, by contrast, the colonnettes are placed closely together.
The impost is profiled but is devoid of figurative decoration.