North Side - N08FL08

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Saint Andrew before Aegeas, Arrest, Imprisonment, Martyrdom

On this and on the adjacent capital (N07FL07) episodes from the life of Saint Andrew are represented.
The narrative sequence begins with the scene on the north side, in which the arrested Saint with fettered hands is led by a servant into the presence of the Roman governor, Aegeas.
In the scene shown to the left on the east side Aegeas is giving the order to have Andrew imprisoned. He does so by raising his right arm. Andrew, with his arms crossed over his breast, is fettered and led away. On the right side of the relief the Apostle is preaching to an audience of eight prisoners. This side of the capital is accompanied by an inscription on the abacus plate (H: IVBET: EV: EGEAS: ICARCERARI), which explains the scene represented.
The south side shows the Apostle once again before Aegeas; the moment represented is perhaps the one in which the governor passes judgement on Andrew and orders his crucifixion.
The carrying out of the sentence is represented on the west side. The poor conservation of this side of the capital makes it difficult to recognise any of the details, but clearly this is the scene in which Andrew is bound to the cross.