North Side - N07FL07

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Preaching of Saint Andrew, Crucifixion of the Saint, Death of Aegeas

As a sequel to the representation of the adjacent capital (N08FL08) here further scenes from the life of Saint Andrew are shown.
On the east side several figures are grouped in two rows. Before them the body of Saint Andrew is stretched horizontally. During his martyrdom, fettered with outstretched hands and feet to the cross, he never ceases to preach. His face and hands are heavily eroded. Directly behind the Saint, at the height of his waist, a female figure is standing. She might represent Maximilla, the wife of the Roman governor Aegeas, whom Andrew converted to Christianity. The blessing hand of God (Manus dei) appears in the centre of the capital.
The west side of the capital shows the death of the Saint. Above him appear three small figures of angels with censer, cross and a rod topped with three pointed terminals. Two further angels accompany the soul of the martyr to heaven. Below the corpse a figure is kneeling, holding the cross on which Andrew was martyred. To the right four further angels observe the event. This side of the capital bears the inscription HIC: E [...] P [...] ADREAS.
On the north side seven men stand opposite the governor and request the handing over of the Saint’s body. Enthroned to the right, Aegeas is shown supporting his head meditatively with his right hand.
The death of Aegeas is shown on the south side, facing the garden. Naked and face down he has plunged from the tower. His body has burst open and his intestines spill out. The soul of Aegeas leaves the body and is firmly grasped by two devils. The scene is watched by a male figure to the right.