North Side - N01MS39

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Archangel Michael and the Dragon

The victory of the Angel over the dragon represents one of John’s visions from the Book of Revelation. On the main viewing side of the capital the haloed figure standing in the pose of the orant can presumably be identified as Saint John, in the midst of the prophetic visions that are being revealed to him.
On the north side an angel with a shield is shown vanquishing a dragon, whose long, coiled tail is supported against the side of the pillar. The angel plunges his lance into the monster’s maw.
On the south side exactly the same scene is repeated, evidently in the effort to create a symmetrical ensemble. Similarly symmetrical compositions can be found in the galleries of Saint-Sernin in Toulouse. The large bas-relief on the adjacent pillar also bears a standing figure of the Apostle and Evangelist John, while the adjacent capital is adorned with representations of eagles (N02MS40), which can be interpreted as the Evangelist’s symbol.