North Side - N07MS45

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Scrolled tendril decoration with animals

The basic structure of the decoration consists of two rows of foliations. Over this is spread a symmetrical network of tendrils forming heart-shaped medallions. In the lower register the medallions enclose alternately upright and downward-pointing palmettes. The arms of the volutes and the console block are covered with similar palmettes. The same motifs recur in capitals W18MS74 and E13MS31 with a single row of foliations and in W12MS68 with two registers.
The bevelled impost frieze is striking for its animal representations. On the broader sides a stag and a bridled horse with saddle and stirrups confront each other on the east side. On the narrower sides the frieze consists of paired birds. On the north side their necks are twisted and on the south side they are intertwined. They show great similarity to the birds on N14MS52.