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Wave-pattern pillar

The pillar in the north gallery is located close to the no longer existing well-house in the north-west corner of the cloister.

The decoration of the pillar with a bas-relief wave pattern on its north side brings to mind the element of water.
In the Christian literature Holy Scripture is repeatedly compared with the element of water; the image of water recurs again and again especially in Patristic theology.

The representations on the pillars of the cloister assume the role of the usual formulae that open and close medieval exegesis:
- the subject to be treated, in this case: Holy Scripture.
- Author and date, here: Abbot Ansquitil in the year 1100.
- the authorities that guarantee the validity of the words of the author (the capitals), here: Bishop Durandus as heir of the Apostles, to whom Christ had directly imparted the meaning of the Good News, which is concealed under the human words of Scripture.