North Side - N12PP11

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Washing of the Feet

The legibility of the scene represented on this corner pier is severely compromised by erosion, especially on the west side of the capital.
The cruciform nimbus of Christ can however be recognized before a palmette placed in the middle. Christ is kneeling before Peter, in order to wash his feet in a basin of water. As he does so, he stretches out his right hand to his garment, in order to dry his disciples’ feet with it, as described in John’s Gospel (Jn 13:1-20). The scene is observed by a pair of onlookers, who stand at the sides of the capital.
It is known that the ritual of the washing of the feet, the mandatum fratum and the mandatum pauperum, was performed every Saturday and every Thursday during Holy Week in this wing of the cloister.
The washing of the feet is inseparably linked to the Last Supper, a theme that is shown in another capital of this pillar (E02PP14) and that should be understood in connection with the forgiveness of sins, repentance and humility.